Wednesday, March 18, 2009


... Has been CHAOTIC!!! But good, of course! I am proud that I was able to accomplish some nice things in these past three days. Here they are:

1) I was able to secure a Summer internship with Tahitian Noni International (where Kika works), thanks to HER!

2) I had an interview at Deseret Book and they called me to do an internship with them, but I probably won't take it.

3) My group was able to prepare an Integrated Marketing Campaign for the i-bambino business and it turned out GREAT! But I am soooooo TIRED! We were in the Library for 8, I said 8 straight hours last night!!!

4) The week is almost OVER! And I can't wait to go down to Utah on Friday to wait for Olivia once more. I think about her every single day!!!

Anyways, that's my half week post... I'll be posting some reflections tonight when I'm more relaxed.

And Wednesday is almost OVER!

1 comment:

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

thanks to me NADA, thanks to YOU because you have TALENT, and TCHONGUICE! heheheehhe :)

ei sua djitttttt
venha mesmo amanhã porque vão começar o tal do gel amanhã aê TALVEZ Olivia nasça amanhã dji noitchi! Se não, a gente come cuicui e eu vou ao hospitchal nu sábdu ao meio dia prá você vê quem é maxifêmi! heheheeheheheh

bjussss teamooooooooo!!!