Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Week & Black Weekend

I believe I should be more consistent and try to write on this blog a little more. For those who know me well, you know that I'm not very fond of journal writing... I guess because it was so reinforced when I was on YW I never really bothered about it.

I do have a journal that I bought at the Bookstore, and it's pretty, and on each of the days it has a scripture or an inspiring quote... Guess I need to inspire myself some more! hahhahah

But, nothing very interesting has happened since the last time I posted something here. Well, ok, some stuff actually happened. So, for the facts!

Thanksgiving was really good! I was grateful that it didn't snow the whole week after the storm we had on Sunday, November 22. On Monday (when I took the pictures that are posted on the previous one) it stopped snowing but there was a lot of it on the streets, so I didn't dare taking my car anywhere... It would either get stuck on some snowbank OR it would "skate" all over town :) I spent Thanksgiving week working, organizing my room and my life, and spent Thanksgiving day at my friend's in-laws, and then got together with the Brazilians, ate dessert and watched "Angels and Demons".

Black Friday? Oh, yeah! I had to take advantage of a good sale! Got an external hard drive (portable) for my computer :) And on Saturday, girls morning out with Barbara and Carol. We went to Idaho Falls and shopped around there :) I got my Christmas PJ's! It's my personal tradition. Every year I go to Old Navy and get Christmas themed pajama pants :) The one I got matches my bedroom's new color scheme and I love it. Haven't worn it yet, though.

On Sunday it was great to go to church and learn a bunch of cool stuff. I really enjoyed it. Took a nap in the afternoon and basically RESTED. It was great!!! But I better get going, get homework done, so I can post about THIS week later :)