Monday, May 24, 2010

After a long time...

I had put some themes on the "Upcoming Posts" and I never got to post them! hahaha... Well, life has been a little crazy and, honestly, I don't feel like blogging about it. But here's a little of what happened in my life in the last 2 months.

1) I GRADUATED!!! With a Business Management Bachelor Degree from BYU-Idaho. It has been a blast studying there and I'll be FOREVER grateful for that opportunity. I WILL post about BYU-Idaho sometime...

2) I went to Brazil for 3 weeks and stayed with my family there right after graduation. It was great! Except for the weather that was SO nasty that I didn't have the willingness to leave the house UNLESS it was to go to an Air-Conditioned place... Yes, it was THAT hot!

3) I came back from Brazil and now am in Utah. Hopefully I'll be able to get my professional life on track and find a job soon. In the meantime I have devoted myself to healthier cooking, and got a sewing machine! I bought some fabric and need to cut it to make a cute skirt for myself (first project with my OWN machine - yay!). Oh, and watching TONS of HGTV... That channel is ADDICTING! :)

So this is a VERY brief summary of what I've been up to... Hopefully I'll be blogging a little more these next days, we'll see.

To all of you who still come here, Have a WONDERFUL week!

Beijos ;*

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Road is Rough...

Dear Blogger Friends:

I know I was supposed to post something about spelling, but instead I decided to post about something else... Lately I've had the chance to talk to a few friends about some choices that they made and are thinking about making, and I thought it might be helpful to share some of my cents with all of you. Here it goes.

So we all know that being LDS implies that we have to do (abide) with a lot of "laws" that normally we wouldn't worry about were we in another situation. The beauty of it though, is that we have the fullness of the Gospel in our lives. When we agreed to the Plan of Salvation, we received a mortal body and the chance to go through the plan here on Earth, to grow and evolve into perfect beings eventually. When we agreed to it, we also agreed that we would have to go through trials in order to achieve that perfection...

What happens however, is that we forget about it and start complaining about life over and over. That is also my case, I am not excluding myself from the situation, but for these past couple of weeks I have apparently come to think a lot about it. Anyways... One of my friends is seriously thinking about "taking some time off" from Church. My dear friends, there is no such thing as "time off" from Church. Does Heavenly Father take vacation from listening to the prayers of His sons and daughters? I DON'T THINK SO! What happens is that WE are the ones who FORGET that HE IS RIGHT THERE, waiting for us to be humble enough to kneel down in prayer and ASK HIM for the blessings that we need.

I many times forget that when I need something, all I have to do is ask. And people still think this is the hard way... Oh, yeah, I can find a guy outside of the church because he is cute, he compliments me and makes me feel beautiful about myself, and yes, I can take some time off the church because the mentality of many of the members is very limited and they lack vision, they have prejudice against me, yada, yada, yada... But are those really the easiest ways? What if I decide to take some time off and go have a drink, or (pardon the language ) hook up with some cute guy I met at a club? That might bring me instant pleasure, but what about my ETERNAL happiness? Am I willing to sacrifice that for a MOMENT? I'd rather just kneel down...

... There's always a way back, but it is hard. It is painful, it brings a lot of sadness, but yet this process is necessary in order for the person to feel TRUE joy. Another friend is going through that process right now and I heard from him that he had no idea how he could remain in denial for such a long time, when all he really wanted was to go back to the fold of the Shepherd. Pride is a very serious barrier to that. It takes guts to be humble and to do what is right, knowing that you are going to be judged for what you have done... But he did it! And I sincerely hope he is coming back for good.

As for my other friend with whom I talked today, I told him/her that even though they might be frustrated with their current situation - having to deal with depression and telling me "I don't want to date LDS people anymore" - this is no excuse. The person contradicted him/herself saying that... and I was like "Then how do you expect to marry in the Temple one day?"

To me it sounds like the person is lacking Eternal perspective, and honestly my friends, the enemy takes advantage of those situations to make you feel the worst person in the world. To make you think that you are worthless and that exaltation is not achievable.

To all you my friends out there, who are somehow struggling, please listen to my plead and pour your heart to the Lord. I've done that before and He has done wonders for me! Be worthy to attend the Temple and set a regular schedule to do so. You will bless your life and the life of others as well. Have faith! Things might seem to be hard but trust me, they will get better. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Bash

It's been a long time since it actually happened but I thought it was worth it to share it here. :) My birthday was on February 12, and long before I was trying to plan what to do for that date, I guess because I really was missing home and all the good stuff that comes on your birthday when you are at home :) I should have posted the pics but I don't like the ones that I'm in a lot... I look kinda weird hahaahha

After a lot of thinking and little money, I decided to bake a cake and sing "Happy Birthday" at my apartment. Turns out that when I invited the people, EVERYONE volunteered to bring something to the party. At first I was hesitating, but then I realized that it was very nice of them to offer that, so I accepted it.

I baked the cake - German Chocolate with Cashew Pralines and Brigadeiro filling and Chocolate Buttercream and Cashew Pralines Frosting). De-Lish!!! :) Luciane helped me assemble the cake, which was probably 8 inches tall. So Yummy!

Cefas and Paulinha brought 50 coxinhas that we fried (yes, deep-fried - it's once in a life time anyways, right?), Ana made the meat for the hot dogs, Carol brought the Guarana, Barbara made a delicious Pave, and Anna and Johan brought Thomas (He was the entertainer of the party).

It was so fun, and I want to thank ALL my friends who were able to make it! It was good to celebrate birthday at my house, and it will be in my memory forever!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Article on the Scroll

Since it was one of my upcoming posts, I better post about it before I forget it. BYU-Idaho has a newspaper that comes out every week called "The Scroll". That newspaper is actually a way for me to keep myself informed about what's going on in Rexburg and in the world. Time is always an issue for me but I am getting better at sitting down and reading newspapers online... Anyways.

Last week, when I was browsing through the Scroll to find the coupon section, I encountered an article that gave people tips on how to pass clean checks. For those who are not familiar with it, clean checks are performed in student housing here at BYU-I every month, to make sure tenants are keeping the house clean, and also to teach many of them how to take care of a house - trust me, that is SO NEEDED on this campus.

As I read the article I come across a statement - well, a "tip" - from one of the people that were interviewed that said something like: "If your sink is full of dirty dishes just throw them in the cabinets and you will pass because usually they don't check the cabinets." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I guess I shouldn't be so offended at such a statement but I was. I guess because I always make so much effort to keep the house that I live clean, while one of my roommates is such a pig!!! It's disgusting! To me, it sounds like hiding dirty dishes in the cupboards is not honest, and that really bothers me! In a university where you have to sign an Honor Code to live honestly, doesn't that sound bad? Maybe I'm making too big of a deal...

I want to hear from you. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Parking on Campus

I've been thinking about this post for a very long time, but for some reason I always forgot to do so.

Recently, parking at the BYU-Idaho Campus has become an issue. Due to the rapid increase in the number of students, Rexburg seems to be getting populated with more and more cars every day. Since last Fall, the City of Rexburg decided turn all street parking that used to be available into permit parking. In order for you to park on the street, you need to have some kind of permit. I am not familiar with the kinds of permit because I haven't bought one :)

BYU-Idaho turned some of its street parking into B permit parking. B permits are issued to students - so I guess that's a good thing. But since Winter started it has been a nightmare to try to park on campus, and many times I've had to walk to and from home. Not that I don't like walking but walking for 20 minutes in -12 degree weather (that's in Fahrenheit) or -20 Celsius weather is not the most pleasant thing. Because my school schedule has changed and now I go to school a little later, I always had to park far away, and one day - even trying to park far away - it was impossible. I spent a whole hour looking for parking... Boy was I frustrated!

So I had an idea and it works! I have to leave the house within a certain time range - and I'm not gonna publish it here for the sake of MY parking spot - in order to get to the parking lot that I want and get a spot! Since I started doing it, I've been successful. Sometimes within the first 2 minutes, other times within 5 to 10 minutes.

What is even better about this is observing how people go crazy over those "premium" parking spots. It's always fun to watch them getting all mad and speeding in the parking lot in order to get a spot. I believe in the theory slow and steady. :) So sometimes, I end up getting someone else's parking spot because the person didn't realize that THAT spot was going to get vacant in a matter of 30 seconds :D

Oh, the joys of parking at BYU-Idaho!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Starting Fresh :)

Since I have decided to open a new blog, maybe I will find more time to post some of the things that have been going on with me lately... Life hasn't been too exciting, but I guess I can do some reporting here :)

I am on my LAST SEMESTER of college... I can't believe it! Honestly I've never thought that I would get to this point, but here I am! Graduation is scheduled for April 9 and 10, and I am excited about it. The semester has been crazy, however. I have been working on my "capstone" project, which is a requirement for graduation here at BYU-Idaho.

The Capstone Project is an actual consulting project that we develop for a client. I am working on Palacio Magazine, a bi-lingual magazine that is distributed for FREE among many places in America. I have been working on that project with one other girl and so far we are doing good. Our project is organizing an internship open house at BYU-Idaho, and our guest speaker will be the Prudential CEO. So we are going about getting the event ready and advertised so we can attract a good crowd.

Aside from that, I am also taking a Web Business class, which has been a bit of a challenge for me, but I like it; a New Venture Creation Class, where I am learning some of the essential steps to start a new business; and the most fun of all: Clothing Construction (fancy name for sewing). I love that class! I always wanted to take a class that had NOTHING to do with my major and that's the one I picked. I was afraid at first, because it is a time-consuming class and also I wasn't sure whether I would be able to learn all the techniques, but I am loving it! It works like therapy for me and I can always use some therapy, right? ;)

The quest for finding a job is on. I am a little scared of the market right now, because unemployment rates have increased in the past couple years, as we are aware of, but I have faith that everything will work out for the best.

Life is good. I have been able to juggle school, work, and some social life as well. Nothing too exciting but I am trying not to be at home all the time like a vegetable. I have been sick for the past few weeks but I hope it will get better with some changes I am planning to make.

Well, I better save some stuff (not that I have that much anyways) for later :) In the meantime I better organize myself and get the last part of my midterm (yes, the midterm was divided in FOUR parts), ready for Wednesday :)

Happy Blogging!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to My New Blog

Because of all the trouble I've had with the background of my other blog, and also because I was a little sick of my old URL, I decided to move everything to this new space.

Please make sure you update your list with the new blog address so you can at least try to know what's going on in Helgaland :)

This is under construction and I am planning on improving the look of the blog gradually.