Thursday, January 22, 2009

More than half way through the first month of 2009...

... And I finally get a break from school activities in order to post some updates.

School has taken pretty much ALL of my time! I'm on IBC - Integrated Business Core, which is pretty much 4 classes integrated and we have to launch a Business on campus. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of time and work. There were days where I have been so stressed that I couldn't handle myself, but apparently that is gone (at least for a while). There have been meetings every single day, plus the assignments, plus a bunch of other stuff... HARD! But I'm grateful!

I just came back from a 2-day camping trip for IBC at Badger Creek, an outdoor facility that BYU-Idaho owns. I wasn't excited to go on the trip but I'm glad I went. It was well worth it! I had great experiences and made new friends. I'm excited for the rest of the semester and hope I don't change my mind.

Last weekend I went to Utah to Pedro's wedding as stated in Kika's blog. We had a blast! It was so fun! Especially to hang out with Kika. We share so many laughters together that it hurts our tummies hehehe...

Well, I better go! Just remembered I might have some homework due tomorrow :P

Thursday, January 1, 2009

And here is 2009!

I guess it's always good to start a New Year... There's all the goals that we want to set (and hopefully to achieve), all the promises of a wonderful year, of progress, etc.

Funny thing is that, after a week, all these "wonderful" goals and promises that we made in the beginning of the year seem to be forgotten... Ironically :)

Well, let's try to stick to them this year, shall we? ;)

Happy 2009!!!