Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Utah

I am finally down in Utah and almost ready to start my internship at TNI. Thanks to Kika and her wonderful network I was able to find something in my area: Marketing. This last semester as I mentioned before, has been a little hard one me. There are so many things going through my head... So many things that I need to accomplish and yet I feel so uncapable of accomplishing such things. I think it's just my mind wanting to drag me down. I am feeling a little discouraged at the moment. This whole recession thing that is going on in this country is making me a little scared, but I KNOW I shouldn't be!

A couple weeks ago Elder Claudio Costa was our speaker at a BYU-Idaho Devotional. He talked about all that the world is going through at the moment and that we, as righteous people, shouldn't worry because "if you keep the commandments you SHALL prosper in THIS LAND" meaning in this Earth and in this life. Isn't he so right? He is... I guess I'm the one who needs to fix some stuff in order to be prosperous :)

He is like a father to me. I am so happy to be part of their family activities and to feel loved by all of them. Since my parents are so far away from me, the Costas take that role and love me :) Isn't that so nice?

The wonders of the mortal life. I am so blessed and yet I complain... There are so many people that have muc more problems than I do and yet they don't complain AT ALL. They are happy with what they have.

I am so blessed to have a wonderful family, to have the opportunity to get a good education, to have great friends, here in Utah and also in Idaho ( I have met so many wonderful people that make me happy), to have food on my plate and to have good health in general. I am also thankful for Discovery Health (that was random but I just LOVE that channel!) and for the sacrifice my Savior has done for me.

As for the other things that I want to accomplish I'll just keep working hard on them and wait on the Lord to do His will. :)

Wedding Day tomorrow! (Not mine of course!) Congrats Veronica and Eduardo! :) I'll SO be there!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Finals Week is OVER!!! I am so very happy that the semester has come to an end, and I am extremely relieved! It has been a very stressful semester... Some of my friends know that because of all that I said and talked about during the semester. IBC has been an interesting experience. I have learned some things, but the most important lesson that I have learned is that people are very difficult to deal with.

I felt betrayed, discriminated and disrespected in SO MANY ways. The funny thing is that people kept backstabbing me during the whole semester, always blamed the failures of the company on me and on my friend Anselmo, and they also dared to mention my name in the Final Report saying a bunch of lies...

I guess it's just because I am a stupid International Student... That's how a lot of people up here treat us like... Oh well, sorry about the going off session... I guess I needed it.

All that matters now is that I'm FREE for a whole semester!!! :)

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finals Week...

I have a feeling that I should be writing about how wonderful the talks at General Conference have been so far... To be honest I only watched the morning session and it was in the background for me. I remember some of the messages that were given, but not entirely... So I will report about my past week at school. I promise I'll try to watch it more focused tomorrow and maybe put something that might inspire someone here. My apologies...

This week has been quite crazy and I am happy that it's over. As I mentioned before, on Tuesday I woke up to see that my car was wrecked (probably by one of the bad drivers that populate the town of Rexburg). I took it in for an estimate, but they won't be able to start working on the car until Monday. The body shop never received the OK from the insurance company to order the parts, so, BECAUSE I CALLED the body shop yesterday, I became aware of that fact. After a couple calls and acting a little bit upset about the whole thing they got everything ready to go. The parts are ordered and I'm supposed to meet the people at the body shop on Monday at 9 am. Then Enterprise comes and picks me up and I pick a rental, hopefully a nice one so I can enjoy the week riding something cool :)

I also had another final this week. We were aware of the fact on Wednesday and the test was due Thursday... I freaked out but was able to accomplish the goal of finishing the test. On Thursday, I spent yet another evening at the Library, this time working on all the Finance stuff. It was actually fun! I kinda like that stuff! I guess once you know how to plug everything in Excel, your life becomes so much easier! Until this semester I didn't really understand how ESSENTIAL Excel is in an individual's life :)

Yesterday I went to Idaho Falls just to look at some stuff and get the mind out of BYU-Idaho mode. It was fun! I watched Slumdog Millionaire... What a GREAT movie! Oh, before I forget to mention, on Tuesday I went to the movies with a gift card that I received and watched Knowing. Great movie! If you like freaking out, that's the perfect one, kinda like The Sixth Sense.

Today I watched conference and went to Hollywood video to rent Australia. Came to find out at the Cash Register that I had a FREE, I said FREE rental!!! I was going to use the gift card that Todd gave me 3 years ago but I guess I'll use it for the next rental: Bedtime Stories or Seven Pounds :) I'm guessing that Saturday has been indeed full of pleasant surprises...

Tomorrow? I guess I'll watch Conference in my bed, all bundled up in my Target Comforter :) And then maybe enjoy a ride around Idaho...

Last week of school is just around the corner... How excited am I for the end of the WINTER SEMESTER!!!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Charity: Does it EVER fail?

I am SO DONE with this semester!!! Here I am, at the wonderful McKay Library waiting on Anselmo to finish working on his Religion Portfolio :) How cool is that??? hehehe... (I rode with him).

Just got done with my Supply Chain final... Teacher comes to class today and announces that there is a final and that there is a hard copy due TOMORROW! What the heck!

Yesterday I woke up to realize that someone hit my car at my apartment complex's parking lot and RAN AWAY!!! I had to go to the Police Department to file a report of what happened and had to take the car to Idaho Falls to get an estimate of how much fixing it and making it beautiful is going to cost: $1,800!!! Thank goodness Helga has a $100 deductible :) Well, $100 makes a difference in my pocket but it is better than $1,800 :P

What else? hmmmm... Can't go to Utah for General Conference. I don't trust my car. I'll have to take a picture of the damage before it goes into the Body Shop... Of course I'll also take a picture of the rental (if it's a wicked cool car).

Semester is almost over. I am looking for a place to live in the Utah Valley. If anyone would like to be charitable and have me over for 3 months I'd appreciate it. I got an internship at Tahitian Noni but it's not paid, so I need to find a job as soon as I get there... That's why I'm asking for the Charity... Or at least a cheap rent. I am so fun to live with! hehehe

Happy Thursday!