Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Utah

I am finally down in Utah and almost ready to start my internship at TNI. Thanks to Kika and her wonderful network I was able to find something in my area: Marketing. This last semester as I mentioned before, has been a little hard one me. There are so many things going through my head... So many things that I need to accomplish and yet I feel so uncapable of accomplishing such things. I think it's just my mind wanting to drag me down. I am feeling a little discouraged at the moment. This whole recession thing that is going on in this country is making me a little scared, but I KNOW I shouldn't be!

A couple weeks ago Elder Claudio Costa was our speaker at a BYU-Idaho Devotional. He talked about all that the world is going through at the moment and that we, as righteous people, shouldn't worry because "if you keep the commandments you SHALL prosper in THIS LAND" meaning in this Earth and in this life. Isn't he so right? He is... I guess I'm the one who needs to fix some stuff in order to be prosperous :)

He is like a father to me. I am so happy to be part of their family activities and to feel loved by all of them. Since my parents are so far away from me, the Costas take that role and love me :) Isn't that so nice?

The wonders of the mortal life. I am so blessed and yet I complain... There are so many people that have muc more problems than I do and yet they don't complain AT ALL. They are happy with what they have.

I am so blessed to have a wonderful family, to have the opportunity to get a good education, to have great friends, here in Utah and also in Idaho ( I have met so many wonderful people that make me happy), to have food on my plate and to have good health in general. I am also thankful for Discovery Health (that was random but I just LOVE that channel!) and for the sacrifice my Savior has done for me.

As for the other things that I want to accomplish I'll just keep working hard on them and wait on the Lord to do His will. :)

Wedding Day tomorrow! (Not mine of course!) Congrats Veronica and Eduardo! :) I'll SO be there!

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Clara Schettini said...

não entendi o of course , mas tudo bem..hehehe
as vezes a gente fica com medo né ...
mas temos que ter fé...medo é o oposto da fé...
bjaum helga...e muito sucesso nessa nova fase...