Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Current Events - Reflections

Sometimes I can't believe how life can get so busy, and there is not enough time for everything. Here I am, in Provo, for a little over a month already. That's crazy!!! I have been doing my internship at Tahitian Noni and have been working at Rodizio Grill for 3 weeks now. They surely keep me BUSY and I love that!!!

I am also helping my friend Ren with some stuff that she needs, and it has been a lot of fun as well, but I am physically exhausted!!! Oh how I wish my body had constant energy to spare :) That would be really nice...

I found a ward to go to :) Yay!!! I'm in the Slate Canyon 1st Ward and so far it is a lot of fun! I have been welcomed by the members and already feel part of the "family". That's the best sensation EVER!!! I liked my ward back in Rexburg and that's probably the ward I'm going to go back to once Fall semester starts, but it's not the same thing... I don't feel as much love as I am feeling in this ward. Hopefully things will be better once I go back :) And I'm not talking about my bishop but about the members that attend the ward... Just an FYI.

I am so grateful because things are working out well for me. I'm happy... Sometimes I miss my family, sometimes there's that feeling of loneliness but in general I'm well. Heavenly Father has blessed me and I feel renewed. I know I am more willing to make an effort to be a better person and I am glad for that. I needed a wake-up call. I was withdrawing myself from the blessings of heaven. I feel like I'm coming back though. Isn't that amazing???

As I mentioned before, I learned how to do a blog background but for some reason it is not letting me upload the thing... I tried several times already, I just need to figure out where to fix it. :) It's fun, though! I could totally put them so people can upload them to their blogs hehehehe

Time is going by so fast!!! In a little over 2 months I'll be going home for a nice vacation. I'm very excited to see my parents and my friends back in Brazil, go to the beach and be happy...

Well, speaking of time, I guess I better go to bed... Tomorrow is going to be a looooooooooong day, I have tons to do!!!

Happy Wednesday! :)


I HATE scrapbooking, because it takes too much time. Today I was searching for a way to make my own backgrounds and I found one. It was cool! I'm still having trouble uploading it here though...

Here's what I came up with:

Yeah, this is it... I'm trying to upload it though...
If anyone can help me that would be great!

Thanks to www.kevinandamanda.com I was able to do it! I'll try to do some more :)

Well, better get back to my priorities :) I need to update this blog later :P

Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tinha que postar isso...

Roubei do blog de uma amiga minha, a Carol... Tao linda essa mensagem!

Aconteceu numa praça, no Japão.
Não se sabe como o pássaro morreu. Porém, de uma forma ou de outra, ali estava ele no asfalto, inerte, sem vida. Seria um fato corriqueiro, mas um fotógrafo resolveu registrar o momento e fazer a diferença...

Segundo o relato dele, uma outra ave permanecera próxima ao corpinho sem vida durante horas. Chamando pelo companheiro, ela pulava de galho em galho, sem temer os que se aproximavam, inclusive o fotógrafo que se colocava bem próximo.

Ela cantava num tom triste. Voava até o corpinho inerte, pousava como querendo levantá-lo e alçava vôo até um jardim próximo. O fotógrafo entendeu o que ela pedia e, assim, foi até o meio da rua, retirou a ave sem vida e a colocou no canteiro indicado. Só então a ave solidária levanta vôo e, atrás dela, todo o bando.

As fotos traduzem a seqüência dos fatos e a beleza dos sentimentos no reino animal. Segundo o relato de outras testemunhas, dezenas de aves antes de partirem sobrevoaram o corpinho do companheiro morto. A ave que fez toda a cerimônia de despedida, quando o bando já ia alto, inesperadamente voltou ao corpo inerte no chão e tentou novamente chamar o companheiro à vida. Com amor e carinho, ela se despede, revelando o seu sentimento de dor.
Agora fica uma reflexão: Serão realmente os animais os seres irracionais?
Onde está o amor, a caridade e o respeito entre nós, seres humanos e "racionais"?

Home Sweet Home

After a whole month jumping from one place to the other, I was able to secure a home with one of my favorite families: The Pinegars!!! They received me with wide open arms and I just feel so welcome!

I have a nice bed and a roof, so I'm happy. This week I finally start on my new job and I am very excited to have some money in my bank account. It has been a while :(

But I just wanted to talk about the power of prayer and faith. Wasn't it for me being faithful and asking Heavenly Father for help, I wouldn't have been blessed with those things. I am so grateful for the many things that He gives me every single day. Life in this land hasn't been easy for me. It has been a road full of bumps and obstacles, but so far I've been able to make it.

Wasn't it for my strong faith in my Savior, I would be crazy right now... I would have given up on so many things that life presents me with... I'm thankful for having faith, and for having the opportunity to ask Heavenly Father for faith when I lack it, because sometimes it happens...

I am looking forward to a week full of challenges, but at the same time, full of happy moments! I have learned to cherish each and every moment and even though sometimes I won't feel like cherishing those moments in life, I'll try to keep that in mind.

I'll post pictures of my roomates soon :)

Have a blessed week!