Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Bash

It's been a long time since it actually happened but I thought it was worth it to share it here. :) My birthday was on February 12, and long before I was trying to plan what to do for that date, I guess because I really was missing home and all the good stuff that comes on your birthday when you are at home :) I should have posted the pics but I don't like the ones that I'm in a lot... I look kinda weird hahaahha

After a lot of thinking and little money, I decided to bake a cake and sing "Happy Birthday" at my apartment. Turns out that when I invited the people, EVERYONE volunteered to bring something to the party. At first I was hesitating, but then I realized that it was very nice of them to offer that, so I accepted it.

I baked the cake - German Chocolate with Cashew Pralines and Brigadeiro filling and Chocolate Buttercream and Cashew Pralines Frosting). De-Lish!!! :) Luciane helped me assemble the cake, which was probably 8 inches tall. So Yummy!

Cefas and Paulinha brought 50 coxinhas that we fried (yes, deep-fried - it's once in a life time anyways, right?), Ana made the meat for the hot dogs, Carol brought the Guarana, Barbara made a delicious Pave, and Anna and Johan brought Thomas (He was the entertainer of the party).

It was so fun, and I want to thank ALL my friends who were able to make it! It was good to celebrate birthday at my house, and it will be in my memory forever!


Britt said...

I MISSED THAT! WOW! Where are the pics missy? Love you and I am glad you are so blessed!

Cynthia Pratt said...

The Mrs, is the OOOOOOOOOOOOO not posting any picture. But i`m glad it was such a great day forIu! Kinda priceless stuff this day huh?
beijo. Te loviu!