Friday, March 20, 2009

As Olivia goes down, I go down too! (That is, to Utah)

That's me at work with my new bangs

I am so excited!!! Got people to ride with me to Utah today meaning that I will NOT pay for gas whatsoever... I might start a transportation business or some sort of Kombi that goes and comes all the time from Rexburg to Salt Lake/Provo and vice-versa :) Some extra income hehehehe...

Olivia is about to come and Tia Helga is dying to see her!!! This weekend is going to be hard but a lot of fun as well...

In less than 3 hours I'll be heading down... as Olivia is doing so as well ;)

See you tonight Kika! Love ya!


Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

She bangs, she bangs, oh baby when she moves she moves, she is the DJIT!! heheeheh

VEEEEEEEEENHA, mas venha mermo, que eu tomo conta de Olivia, e tomo conta de você!!!! ta intendenu ne?

Acho que vou ter que levar o cd de muçation pro hospital... que achas???


RBR Price said...

helga mulher, gosto demais das tuas franjas! ficou linda!! Claro q Helga tinah q ta no nascimento de olivia neh? ela quase q vai ser tua filha..hehehe

Cynthia Pratt said...

vai embora mulher....
gostei da idéia da kombi!!!!!
tu fecha visse!