Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aren't we all waiting?

So I'm here in Utah at Emma's house. I decided to come on Wednesday so I could get some stuff taken care of and hope that Olivia would come to our joy... Well, she hasn't come yet, but the weekend has been way fun so far :)

I've done a lot of things and also it was good to forget about school at least for a little bit :) There are some changes coming in the near future, so I'll keep everyone updated... In the meantime I am praying that Olivia will come tomorrow :) But if she doesn't come, I'll be happy when she comes anyways.

Kika I love you! You are the tchongest!

Happy Sunday ;)

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Cynthia Pratt said...

Pois é... Olivia tá é aproveitando a condição não "stress" longe da mortalidade, mas jajá ela tá por aí pra alegria da titia que vai tirar muita fotinha linda pra mostrar pra gente.