Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today I had a very interesting experience on campus. I decided to join the Student Safety Council at BYU-Idaho sometime ago. The Student Safety Council is responsible for promoting safety among the students on campus, and this semester we are promoting the Walk Wise Week. We are trying to make students conscious that THEY NEED TO USE THE CROSSWALKS when they cross the street!!! And also that they look to both sides before crossing, etc. That sounds SO RETARDED but unfortunately people are not very aware of the cross walks here on campus and around town... Do they think that those lines drawn on the streets are works of art? Go figure.

But anyway, this morning I was able to serve FREE... I said FREE hot chocolate on campus and pass arounf flyers :) It was a TON of fun!!! Also yesterday, we did the funniest coreography at the country dance on campus to promote the event as well... Some people felt extremely embarrassed... But I didn't!!! Those people at the country dance (most of them) are so weird anyways!!! :P

Felt good to help people somehow though ;)

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Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

you didn't feel embarrassed because you're a tchonga! he he he :)

Meninaaaaa como eh que tu ta???
Olhe pois voce SEMPRE ajuda todo mundo mais do que pensas!!

beijus love youuuuuuuu!!!