Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am taking a Creative Writing Class at school. It is one of the General Education requirements that I still have to complete here at BYU-Idaho. We get to express ourselves through writing, and since I am really fond of Poetry, I have been able to write a few pieces. They are not very good, but I am going to post them here anyways. If anyone could give me some constructive criticism, that would be appreciated.

I am sitting in class right now, and we are discussing some other writings that were submitted by the students.

Here is my most recent poem:



The day awakes with blue skies

The sun reflects most gorgeous lights

The angel, gold, magnificent

On top of His house stands.


The winds decide to wake up too

And be a part of the scene

Blowing slowly they start

Strongly lifting the dust high.


Not so happy with that all

Gray, dark clouds want to impose

Their sounding thunders roar

The rain that is about to pour


Sun has been covered with them

His rays wanting to shine

In desperate need to brighten the day

He asks the winds: Please blow them away!


Full of mercy, full of love

The winds decide to help their friend

Blowing and blowing slowly they

Ask the clouds to go on their way.


Convinced, the clouds agree with them

They gather their thunders

They gather the gray.

And head to the North,

Where thirsty plants wait

The sun is ready to make our day.

This poem basically describes one of the days we had here in Rexburg. I tried to depict it as poetically as possible. Don't know if I was able to.


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