Thursday, October 9, 2008

After a Little While...

Since classes begun, I haven't had a lot of time to post on my blog. There are tons of things going on in my life but they are all for good :)

A little update:
- I'm taking Ballet lessons at BYU-Idaho. I love the class! It is a little hard but it works as my therapy for the daily stress of homeworks and assignments that have no end.
- I'm back to working at the Grounds Crew - I take care of the gardens of the school and it is a lot of fun. I have a new boss though: Ben. He's very nice and we all have a lot of fun at work! But we work hard as well!
- I'm also teaching the Church's Career Workshop twice/three times a week on-campus. It is an amazing experience and I love it!
- I'm taking a creative writing class. Meaning I get to write poems and fiction in English :) Gotta love that!
- I'm going to San Jose, California in a month with the school.
- I'm a Relief Society Teacher - Teachings for Our Day. The best class ever!!!

Even though I am going through some hard times in my life right now, I have reasons only to be GRATEFUL to my Heavenly Father for all that He provides me. I never feel lonely. He's always there for me :)

I'll be posting some pictures too. At least I go Latin Dancing every Friday for only a buck :) Cheap but FUN!!!

Be back soon.



Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Glad to hear you are doing well! Being busy is good :).

6 P's in a Pod said...

Helgation: Thanks for the update. I wonder about you often so keep the blog updates a-comin'! Even through the "hard times", it sounds like you're living life to the fullest. Good for you!