Saturday, July 12, 2008

Been a While...


Remember about the whole PodCast competition that I participated in a couple weeks ago? A MESS!!! Anywho, Anselmo and I trying to solve the situation as there were A LOT of misunderstandings and we were supposed to win but it didn't happen. We took the issue to the Bookstore (who happened to "organize" the contest) and we are waiting on results... I'll probably have the info this Monday... Or maybe never...

Here's the participating PodCast:

Oh by the way, that's me in the blonde wig hehehehe
Talk about getting out of your comfort zone ;)

Finals week is around. I presented my 2 biggest projects on Thursday. I hope I did good. I took a Business Law Test today and got an 80. Not too bad for someone who didn't study that much. The final for this class is this Tuesday, together with a 10-page business plan due for the Entrepreneurship class... I also have an online simulation that is due on Thursday and there are 4 rounds for it, as well as a final due on Friday for Business Discovery... ;) GOOD TIMES

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Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

aaawww GOOD LUCK with EVERYTHING sua tchonga!!! :)

you ROCK!