Monday, July 28, 2008

The Week on a Single Post v.I

I have to say... This past week was incredibly FUN!!!  I'll talk about the pics and will continue in other posts...

The picture on the top is of me, Zeb, and Tanner. Zeb is Anselmo's new roomate... (no comments about Zeb's hotness). Tanner is their neighbor. He's 18! I thought he was older... I call him Prince William heheheh... Sunday we went on a hike somewhere far away from rexburg :P

Following pic... Anselmo and I when we got to the top. Pay attention to the sunset. AMAZING!

On Tuesday I went and visited with the Clarks. I love them so much! I had a great time and had to record the moment. On the pic: me, Dean and Marion 

In the afternoon we had to indulge! Oh boy is the Cheesecake Factory good... One whole year without going, I HAD to visit the new Utah one ;) I had a Snicker's Cheesecake... I'll put the picture on later :)

The last picture of this post. All the tchongas that went to the CCF ;) From left to right: Fia (Lizzie), Katie, Jeane, Me, and Talytinha Rocha.

There's more to come but I need to do my laundry.... ;)


Brazil's Girl said...

Ei gatinha! Pois é né loucura esse fim de semana. Então quer dizer que vc tá curious sobre o novo negócio de Mike? Vou te mandar um email com toda a informação. Dá uma olhada e esse final de semana eu te ligo pra nós conversar tá?


6 P's in a Pod said...

Helga!! I'm so sad we didn't get to meet up with you while you were here in Utah! (We were in St. George on va-ca). I'm so glad you left a post on my blog so I could find your blog and now I can blog-stalk you, too! Thanks for doing some posts in english. You are AWESOME! Love ya!

Samanta/Sammy said...

Só curtindo entao é? kkkkkk