Sunday, July 20, 2008

Move In, Move Out, Move In, Move Out...

Oh boy!!! I am SO EXHAUSTED!!! Yesterday I had to move all my stuff out... and back in again!!! I had to move in between apartments in my complex. Looks like they are going to do a bunch of stuff in it... Whatever... So I moved to building 2.

I was supposed to be working my shift at the Rexburg Temple yesterday, but there was NO WAY I could go, especially because I had no one to help me. My bro Anselmo helped me a little bit, but he as well had to move all his stuff out... Sometimes the ladies at the Temple can be a little not understanding... I had finals ALL WEEK, had to move out, and they still wanted me to find a sub... Boy last time I called the people who could possibly sub would always tell me NO. And they weren't too nice. Maybe it's time for me to find another shift at the Temple...

Up above are some pics of yesterday. We ended up at a park by the Idaho Falls Temple and had FREE Pizza Hut there :) We were all bored!!!

In the pictures: Marise (From Haiti, she's so AWESOME, you know what I'm saying?), Anselmo (the ONLY guy in the pic), Me (You know me!!!), and Camila (crazy Camila)

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Aline Carson said...

Nossa, adorei seu blog! The achei no da Kika e vou te adicionar ok???
Nossa, deve ter sido mto corrida essa semana mesmo....Se eu ainda tivesse morando aih com certeza iria sub vc la no templo...hehehe..
Espero que tenha dado td certo com a mudanca.