Tuesday, June 24, 2008

C R A Z Y ! ! !

So, this week started pretty crazy for me, but I'm so excited!

First of all, today I recorded a PodCast, which will be on YouTube this Wednesday. It's for a school contest. I'll need help from you guys and hope that you will keep clicking there so I get a lot of views :) The Grad Finale is on Thursday, where we are going to watch all of the videos made, and where they will announce the winner... $200 sounds really good right now ;)

Thursday afternoon I have an Elevator Pitch contest to be held in the afternoon. If you want to know more about Elevator Pitch just Google it :) I'm so tired I can't explain right now.

Oh yeah! And today I auditioned to be in the Acoustic Guitar Program at BYU-I this Saturday. Patricia played for me and I hope we did pretty good. We'll get an email from them tomorrow leting us know if we made it :D

That's how exciting it has been so far... Boy this wek is sre full of promises :)

I'll be posting the link to the video tomorrow morning, as soon as I upload it :)

And, of course, I'll keep everyone updated! Boa Noite por hoje!

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Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

eae sua tchonga, como foi o aCUstico? huaah cantastes o que? tudo bom consigo? menina to cuma saudade de tu tao grande, um dia desses bato ai visse?

vo la ler os outros posts de lo DJIT! hehehehehe

te amooooooooooo