Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Afternoon in Rexburg...

So, here I am... Church ended at 12.30 and I came home... Interesting day... The girls in the ward assigned each other with another girl to spotlight, and this Sunday was our apartment's turn to be spotlighted (I wonder if that word exists). Chelsi had me. Cutest girl in the world! From California, she came over to my apartment on Friday to ask me a few questions so she could introduce me to the rest of the class. While I was working on my Business Project, she asked me some questions, including what was my favorite treat. :) On Thursday I had a date with "six pack" and that was when I had these wonderful cookies made out of German Chocolate cake batter and "Rolos". Oh my Gravy! Those were good!
So basically today, she comes to church with those wonderful cookies for me! She went out of her way to find the recipe, probably online or something... And took them to me. That was so sweet!
When I got home from church, I saw her running down the stairs crying and talking on the cell phone. I wanted to stop her and ask what was going on... Wonder if someone in her family was going through a hard time or something. She seemed to be in despair. But at the same time I didn't want to be nosy. Well, to summarize, I decided to leave a little note for her, thanking her again for the wonderful cookies, and leaving my phone number in case she needed to talk or something like that.
We are more than half way through the semester, but I hope I have an opportunity to become friends with her and the other girls in the ward. The spirit of Ricks is not a legend. It really is here. This place is blessed with wonderful people everywhere you go.
I'll try to find the cookies recipe and I'll post it here. Those are WORTH gaining the pounds for ;)

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