Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's sinking in...

So I kinda realized today that I really don't know how my Christmas is going to be... I'm trying to get used to the idea that I might spend it by myself, at home, watching tons of TV. I miss my family. I would love to be with them this Season, and feel the spirit that I know will be present at my house. I just have reasons to be grateful though. One of these days I was talking to my mom on Skype about how I am longing to be there in July (it's not official yet, but almost). She all of a sudden said that she wants me to go to the Temple with her. It was so smooth, but I was kinda caught off guard. I am so excited. There are a bunch of goals that I need to set for this coming year, and maybe, instead of waiting til New Years, I will start setting them right now. :)

As for Christmas, I really hope everyone enjoys being with their loved ones. This is probably not my case this year. I hope I will spend it with someone even more special: My Savior, present in my heart.

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