Thursday, November 20, 2008


Having the opportunity to get an education...

... And for accomplishing so many things in such little time!

Hard work pays off. I had to put together a Business Ethics Seminar today at school. I wasn't expecting but it was a TREMENDOUS success! We had about 45 students come and participate, and it was a great opportunity! It's all about announcing in the classrooms and talking to teachers that you know as well. Now I have to prepare the report, measure the success of the event, and hopefully, go to SIFE Regionals!!! Yay for me!!! ;) Happy Thursday

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O Mundo de Danica said...


Vc tem cara de CDF =]
Isso não quer dizer nerd viu? Mas sim inteligente!

É muito bom mesmo poder ter a oportunidade de estudar e crescer com isso...
Que o Senhor te abençõe cada dia mais!