Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'M GRATEFUL FOR... (Plus other stuff)

So I never posted my last day of gratitude...

I'm grateful for knowing that my Redeemer lives, and that I will meet with Him again, if I choose the right :) He's the greatest gift the world was given :)

And coming back to the regular posts: A little about Thanksgiving Day. I went to Burley (South Central Idaho) to the Handy residence. They are the COOLEST family in the world!!! They are all dancers and are always involved in performances, etc. But dancing apart, I had the coolest Thanksgiving with them! We had a fun day, and there were 29 people for dinner. How cool is that! I didn't take any pictures, and maybe I should have... But oh, well.

Tomorrow I go back to classes... Two more weeks and I am done with Fall Semester. Time really flew by...

As of news, I am putting together a Photo Album to send to my parents for Christmas... I am designing it and I am having a ton of fun! (But it's hard work as well...)

Happy Monday!

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Samanta/Sammy said...

OI helguita! adoro seu blog..seus sentimentos me inspiram muito visse menina,n acreditoq vc foi pra Burley! tive uma comp q morava aí,era sister jones,acredito q os pais dela ainda morem lá,o nome dela é marcie lin jones,mas ela casou-se entao acho q o sobrenome mudou..