Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"The Surgery"

I've been owing this post for a while, so here it is :)

In August 2009 I started an acne treatment with Accutane (Roacutan in Brazil). The treatment took about a year and about six months into the treatment I noticed that a "zit" started to develop on my face, but it would never come out. I decided not to bug it and by December 2010 I had a hard, fibrotic cyst on my face. I'd feel like the cyst was pulling my skin and it'd also itch. So I decided to look for a doctor to refer me to a surgeon that could remove it with minimal scarring.

I went to the "plastic" surgeon and he said that this was a simple procedure that could be done in the office, so I scheduled the surgery for January 19, 2011. Got the surgery done and he said that in about 3 months it should look normal. However, 6 months after I had two little things sticking out (one on each end of the incision), and the place of the cut looked like a huge dimple. Here is the picture that kinda shows it:

Close look at the scar, you can kinda notice

For some stupid code error I couldn't write anything right before the three pictures above but this is how my face looks after the procedure done by Dr. Ivo Salgado, the plastic surgeon.

Of course this is only two weeks after the new procedure. There's still a long way for me to go through, but I believe that the final results will be good. :) What is it with me and doctors in America? I was treated for Tuberculosis when I am autoimmune, hahaha :) What will be next?

Oh, and I will post some new adventures here in Brazil soon :) More pictures to come.

Carpe Diem!

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Lacquered Me said...

Oh Helga tomara q fique bom logo e lisinha com o tempo. Tu eh bonitona independente disos ai viu? Qnto a medicos oh tu nem me fala nisso pq qndo tneho q iur em um da ate vontade de chorar. Odeio!