Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coming Back to Blogging

I guess trends are usually set by someone... I'm not sure about who it was this time, but a bunch of my friends decided to blog again... so here I AM! It's been over a year since I last posted on this blog. To be honest, I didn't even remember what it looked like, and had forgotten all the tricks to make the blog look cuter, so yes, this blog will be under gradual construction/improvements.

Since I am in Brazil and life is a little less boring than it was while I was in Idaho and Utah, I will be trying to post more and give some updates. I also have some ideas in mind for a new blog (this one will NOT be a personal one), so as soon as I get it going I will ask for some support to get traffic coming (that means people visiting the new blog). :)

I'm excited to see all the new looks and layouts on my friends' blogs and I promise I'll try to be a better friend and learn more of what's going on with each and every one of them!

As for news with me, I am undergoing another surgical procedure today. For those of you who had NO IDEA, I underwent surgery in January to remove a cyst that was on my face due to the usage of Accutane (Roacutan). The surgery went well but there is a scar on my face that insists on being there, and there are two little pouches of skin that look like zits and didn't come out. So I'm going to get them removed today by a plastic surgeon here in Brazil - I don't know why, but plastic surgeons are MUCH better here! So please keep me in your prayers so I will regain my original face back. It's not a big surgery but it is surely noticeable and I want it to go away.

I will be taking a before picture today before the procedure, so I can take it back to the American surgeon and HOPEFULLY get my money back. And yes, I will also post the post op picture, and hopefully a BEAUTIFUL after picture ;)

Carpe Diem!


The Tchongas said...

primeiro, tu es tchonga!
segundo, volte logo! to com saudade e seven peaks sem tu naaaaao pooooodj!! tchi amo!!!

Marjie said...

nossa, nem acreditei qdo vi vc no top of my most recently updated blogs!
boa sorte helga! vou orar pra dar tudo certo pra vc, e q os crooks de plastic surgeons daqui te devolvam seu dinheiro! mil beijos!

Lacquered Me said...

Loved your blog. Thanks for the link! Keep posting :) Hope your surgery went well and hopefully you will achieve what you desire. I know how that feels. Specially having something weird on your face, your live business card. And hey, what's Accutane? Maybe I should google it.