Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Forgotten Tradition

Last year I tried to put one thing that I was grateful for during the month of November... Guess what? I FORGOT about it! It is probably due to the stress that I'm going through right now... In one of my counseling sessions, my therapist told me that it is normal for my memory to shut down, and I do forget stuff, such as the section on a final project. The result? A "B" instead of an "A". Yes, I completely forgot to report on one section of the project. How DUMB is that? Or the 80-point project that was due Monday night for my Marketing Law class, and I FORGOT about it!!! :) Now I can only get 40 points because the teacher was nice enough to let me hand it in later...

Well, how about being grateful for something? At least for a week I can be grateful for stuff, if I don't forget, right? Here it goes:

I'M GRATEFUL FOR MY BRAIN, even though it is not functioning at it's normal rate, and even though ALL my grades are going down no matter how hard I study. At least I have a brain, right? ;)


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Oh Helga I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Hang in there! Your efforts to maintain a positive attitude throughout all of this is bound to pay off. Things will get better!

Brazil's Girl said...

Plus even though Rob Pattinson can't really act very well, he's still super eye candy :)

Brazil's Girl said...

Hey Girl,
I think you should read the books. You know me, I could compare myself to a...."suspiro" cookie. Crunchy on the outside but totally gooey inside. Notice I didn't say Merengue cookies cuz they are just not the same. :)

Anyway, I fought for what 3 or 4 years. And once you start you are hooked. So... DO IT!