Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Under Construction & Other Stuff

I have been looking at the design of my blog page lately and I must confess that I haven't been very happy with the way it looked. I spent a lot of time without blogging and I've noticed some changes on blogspot as I came back, and to be honest I haven't had a lot of patience to explore and deal with it lately.

Yesterday I decided that was ENOUGH, and will be making some gradual changes to it. Right now, you can't see the header, but I am brainstorming a new blog header that hopefully will work with what I want. I also want to make font changes and layout as well, so be on the outlook for those changes as they come. In the meantime I ask you for your patience :)

As for the other business I mentioned on the post title, I was reading Kevin and Amanda's blog this morning and came across her post for today, which talks about an EASY website for photo editing and posting. It's called PicNik. It's FREE and super easy to use. I picked the picture below and played with it, and that's what came out. Cool, eh? So if you're tired of just posting pictures with no effects or extra cuteness added, I recommend you access that website and see what it can do :)

And here's one of my favorite Brazil shots so far - my dasch Willie, with his face in focus, sepia toned .

Carpe Diem!


The Tchongas said...

pois eh, atualize aeeeeeeee! eheheh Eita tenho que ir nesse website ai ver o lance das fotos! SAUDADES!!!!

Visto de Noivo pros EUA said...

pois e, muita mudanca mesmo. No visto de noivo to cheia de frescura, no meu blog pessoal so coisa das antigas... e eu fico como?

Patty said...

oi helgation!! tambem notei essa mundanca no layout e design em blogs.. nao vejo tanto aquele crafty "scrapbook" look...
recentemente comecei a blog de novo e tenho gostado muito... tao bom poder me conectar com pessoas que tem o mesmo interesse que eu e tambem com os amigos que estao agora longe de mim.
mas anyways, vai ser legal ver a mudanca do seu blog!!! tenho certeza que vai ficar super chique!!
Patty :)