Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life can be very challenging

I guess Heavenly Father decided to make this last week a VERY HARD one for me. I'm not complaining or anything, but it has indeed been really hard for me to get by and to survive the challenges that came into my way...

I was in Salt Lake City for General Conference, thanks to the generosity of Fabio and Talita, good friends of mine from Fortaleza, Brazil. We had a great time Sunday morning despite the icy cold rain that was dropping on us (we didn't have umbrellas available). In the evening I had dinner with the Costa's and it was a blast! I love being with that family and learn from them. As a result, i came back to Rexburg on Monday morning.

I was so tired though. I hadn't slept very well the whole weekend and had to drive for 4 hours. When we were in Ogden, this huge hail storm decided to dump all the possible hail on us. Hail turned into snow and it stuck to the ground SO FAST! For about 2 or 3 miles the road was slick and full of snow. I was freaking out because I know my car doesn't do a good job in the snow... Oh, well. I guess that stress that I went through for a few minutes took a toll on me. By the time I got to Rexburg it was time for me to go to class and there I was. Barely awake. :P

Finally after the first class session I realized that my body was begging me for some rest. I was feeling sick to my stomach, had the worst migraine ever and was literally on auto-pilot. I got home, took a shower, and at 3 PM I was finally able to fall asleep. Slept until 6:30 PM, and that helped a little.

I was tired the rest of the week though. And it seems like I had such a load of reading assignments, and homework, and presentations, and tests... Work didn't help either. I was under a lot of pressure to finish a project and it came to a point where I was so desperate and helpless that I literally cried talking to my boss. I was sorry that I wasn't able to deliver what they wanted in the time frame that they were expecting, but my brain had shut down.

I forgot which day of the week and of the month it was, was freaking out about the test that I thought would close on Wednesday when it actually closed on Saturday, and so on. I was SO ready to call it a week.

But, no. I still had a bunch of activities on Saturday, which were my choice but I needed to get distracted at least for a little bit. Once I got home I had an essay test with 5 questions and 1 hour for me to get done with it, and after that I had an online assignment that needed to be posted on my website by midnight... I got everything done but didn't feel a sense of accomplishment. Weird.

And here I am again. So NOT READY for the upcoming week. How can that be? I'm really hoping my brain will function a little better and that I will be able to deliver better results both at work and in school. I'm also hoping to relieve some of my stress... It's a heck of a load that I have on my shoulders at the moment, I just hope I can relieve some of it during this week.

Oh, by the way, can anyone teach me how to play Farm Ville? There are so many people addicted to it that I need to play it to forget a little about this crazy world that I'm in right now :)


Britt said...

oohh poor helga! Good luck with this week! Just get some rest and be good with your time.

Clara Schettini said...

é melhor descansar...daqui a pouco seu corpo não aguenta! bjus

aork said...

No Helga, Noooooo!!! Stay away from FarmVille before it's too late!!!

OK, I just had to get that off my chest. Basically my little way of saying "Kit, it's time to stop worrying about making sure your crops get harvested before they wilt. It's really not important. Nobody really eats the food!"

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Hang in there Helga! And get some rest! We will be praying for you.