Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Power of a Simple Prayer

I have been trying to be better at writing on my actual journal, and I have been doing good, but this particular experience that I had yesterday is worth sharing. I hope it is inspiring.

The Power of a Simple Prayer (yes, I decided to put a title on it!)

The last few days have been very interesting to me in the sense that I have been feeling a need to be closer to my Heavenly Father. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine from the LDS Business College decided to take his own life and that was pretty shocking. I was perplexed when I knew of what happened and for some reason I have been thinking through what could have caused him to do such a thing. On my last post I copied and pasted the lyrics for the song "Consider the Lilies", which was played on President Hinckley's and Elder Wirthlin's funerals and I guess because I knew that my friend had gone to the other side of the veil, I thought of that hymn. Anyways.

It has been a tough week for me. Yesterday was an especially busy day for me. I have been involved in different activities all day and I was exhausted but I still had my friend's birthday party to attend. I was a little discouraged to go because it had rained SO HARD and the roads were really wet. But I had to go, otherwise I know my friend would have been very sad. I decided to call Kika and ask her to wait for me so we could follow each other to the party, just in case something might happen we would be able to help each other somehow. We were getting to leave her home and we were already late but for some reason I asked Kika if we could pray before leaving the house. She thought that was an odd request since I don't have the habit (and maybe I should create the habit) of doing that, but she agreed. I offered a simple and short prayer but I guess the intentions of my heart were deep, and left.

On the way to Herriman, between exits 284 and 288, a crazy driver was cutting through the cars and speeding like no one. All I remember seeing was her trying to cut through the cars and "sharing" the same lane at the same time with a big SUV. When I saw that happening I thought "Oh, my gosh, she's going to hit him, oh she's going to hit him". And she did. At approximately 90 miles an hour. I was on the right lane and the crash happened on the middle lane right by me. Her car spun in front of my car and for some reason (which I believe the Lord put His hands on my car and helped me) when I pressed the brakes, it went smooth. I was able to stop the car and not hit her, but I was scared that that might happen. She spun again on the shoulder, her bumper fell off her car (together with her license plate - she is SO in trouble), and while the guy she hit went to the shoulder and maybe wait for the cops, she flipped him off and took off. I believe she was under the influence.

I called the Highway Patrol and gave a detailed description of the felon woman. I don't know whether they caught her or not but I hope they did.

After all that, I was talking to Kika about it -- she was right behind me in her car with Olivia and she told me the lady had been cutting in front of everyone -- and she said that it was inspired of me to offer that prayer. Again I don't know the reason why I decided to pray at that moment, but I AM SO SURE that because of that prayer Heavenly Father spared us from a horrible accident.

Such a short and simple prayer. Answered.

Happy Week to All :)


Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

I still get arrepiada when I think of your prayer and the experience we had on the road. YOU, my friend, are an INSPIRED woman! Whatever I need from now on, I will ask YOU to pray for it cuz the man upstairs always hears you :)
te amo! thanks for saving our lives yesterday!!! seriously!! :)


Oi Helga td bom?!
Meninaaaaaaaaaa tô aqui toda arrepiada.
Certamente o senhor ouve nossas orações e nos protege.

Parabéns angel!

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

WOW Helga what a story . . . thankyou for sharing :).

Cynthia Pratt said...


essas coisas acontecem e fico muito feliz, sinto-me grata pela inspiracao que a gente recebe. O Senhor prometeu e cumpriu, enviou-nos o Espirito Santo, nao apenas para nos confortar, mas para nos inspirar e guiar. Melhor ainda e saber que voce pode desfrutar de tudo isso. Otima semana pra tu. Ah.. teu blog ta lindjo!

Jennifer and Shay said...

Hey amiga,que insiracao ein? pode me fazer um favor? meu celular quebrou, e perdi todos os meus contatos, pode me mandar um text com o seu numero? thanks amiga!