Monday, August 11, 2008

The Weekend Went By SO FAST!


Too bad it just lasted a bit... Kika and Trevor came up to Idaho Falls to a friend's wedding and ended up spending the night in rexburg with me! It was so much fun! We watched the Olympics and were lazy and most of all, WE WERE THINKING ARBY'S!!! Kika it was SO GOOD to have you here!

Sunday... Cuzcuz! I tried again, this time it turned out better. I had a couple friends come and enjoy it with me, and ended the day with some good conversation and quality time with some nice dude ;) It was awesome!

Today I hurt my back at work... Oh well, I'm a hard worker. Literally.



Oie Helga,td bom?!?!
Eu tinha vc no fotolog antes d evc fechar rsrsrs.
Linda a homenagem que vc fez,viu ;)


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Awwwww, that was sweet :). We miss you! Baby and I saw a satin teal shirt with black polka dots today at Maurices and thought of you . . .

Jennifer and Shay said...

Oh...Amei seu slide show viu! E amei mais ainda que eu estava tambem tem um lugar especial no meu coracao sabia? So faz o favor de na se esquecer da gente viu! Te amo Helgation! E ele merece?!?!hahahahaha
P.S: Are you in for some fofoca? Lisa is ENGAGED! I know!